Entrant Status Check for the DV-2021 has been postponed

DV-2021 has been postponed

As the Department of State’s resources are assisting US citizens overseas and are working hard on responding to the COVID19 pandemic in the US, the opening of the Entrant Status Check for the DV-2021 has been postponed for a month from May 5 to June 6, 2020.

Please note, the delayed opening will not negatively impact your DV-2021 application and will not impact the US State Department’s ability to pre-process and schedule your DV-2021 interview, which is scheduled to begin on October 1, 2020.

What does this mean to a DV-2021 applicant?

This will only push the date for which you can check your winner status from May 5 to June 6, 2020 and will not negatively affect your DV2021 application in any way. These are extraordinary times due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the US State Department will announce the winners of the DV2021 lottery on June 6, 2020.

The DV-Lottery is a mandated US law and the State Department must perform this lottery every year as long as this law exists and the State Department takes seriously their role in administering the Diversity Visa Program in accordance with all laws and regulations. If you are interested in reading about the history and the law behind the DV-Lottery click on about the DV-Lottery.

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Entrant Status Check for the DV-2021 has been postponed from May 5 to June 6, 2020

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