The 2010 American Green Card Lottery is Open for Applications

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If you would like to obtain a USA Green Card, this is your chance

Most people worldwide can obtain a USA Green Card without any form of sponsorship by participating in the USA Green Card Lottery which is held each year. This is a green card lottery where applicants from all over the world can submit an application for this years 2010 green card lottery, called the DV2012 Green Card Lottery, and be considered for an American Green Card.

Note: DV2012 means diversity visa 2012, the year where the 2010 green card lottery winners can enter the USA legally with their new green card.

Not everyone in the world is eligible. Those from traditionally low visa requesting countries may apply. Not every one who applies is selected, since this is a lottery where 55,000 green card’s are in each years lottery. The Green Card Lottery has strict exclusions for some countries and specific DV2012 requirements that must be fulfilled by the green card lottery applicant in order to be successful in the lottery.

What is a USA Green Card ?

A Green Card is an immigrant visa to the United States. It allows you to legally live, work and study in the United States and to enter and leave the country freely. Green card holders also receive healthcare, education, social security and other rights and benefits. In addition, green card holders can also sponsor their relatives for Green Cards.

Eligible Green Card Lottery Countries

Countries with traditionally high volumes of visa applicants are NOT eligible to apply. Thus, high volume visa applicants from the countries listed in the DV2012 requirements are NOT permitted to apply. Everyone else in the world not mentioned can apply for a green card in the DV2012 Lottery. Also, if you are from one of the excluded countries mentioned in the DV2012 requirements, but you are the lawful spouse of someone who is eligible to apply, you can claim the nationality of the eligible spouse.

How to apply for the DV2012 green card lottery

So, if you happen to be from a country that is permitted to apply for the Green Card Lottery, what should you do?
You apply on line at The application requires a small fee that covers administrative expenses for processing your green card lottery application. In addition, the DV2012 green card lottery applicant must complete all the biographical information such as name, dates of birth, country of origin/birth (or nationality), address, etc. The applicant must also provide or upload an electronic/digital photograph to be included with the green card lottery application. The DV2012 digital photograph requirements are very strict. The photograph must have been taken within the last six (6) months and must be similar to a passport photograph, customarily 2 inches high by 2 inches wide of the head and shoulders, no jewelry, and straight faced, for details see DV2012 Green Card Lottery Photo Requirements.

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Note: Each green card lottery applicant can include the names of immediate family members which are limited to a spouse and biological or legally adopted children under the age of 21.

DV2012 Green Card Lottery Requirements

The DV2012 Green Card Lottery program only allows one submission per person, if you submit more than one application you will be disqualified by the U.S. Government. A husband and wife can each submit a separate application and include the other as an immediate family member. Once selected, the applicant has a specific and limited time in which to submit a properly completed visa application or, if in the United States, an adjustment of status application. If the applicant is in the United States, s/he is only eligible to adjust status if there has been NO lapse in status. That is, when applying for the Green Card, s/he must be in a valid immigration status, usually with an unexpired I-94 arrival record. If the immigration status has expired, then even if selected for the DV2012 Green Card Lottery, the application will be denied!

Other requirements for the Green Card application are standard regardless if it is for the lottery or through any other means. A DV2012 Green Card Lottery recipient must not have a serious criminal background otherwise s/he will be disqualified from the application process. Simple fraud crimes such as shoplifting to big things such as drug possession can disqualify a green card lottery applicant.

Education that qualifies for the DV-2012 Green Card Lottery

Unlike the regular Green Card requirements, the DV2012 Lottery applicant must have completed high school and must produce a high school diploma or equivalent when submitting his or her visa or adjustment of status application (Note: this requirement can be replaced by work experience). Improperly completing the green card lottery application, omitting requested information, or not uploading a photograph, will also result in the applicant’s disqualification.

Once selected if the applicant has no stumbling blocks in the application process, s/he can obtain an Immigrant visa if outside the US or can adjust status if physically in the US. The applicant’s family can join and simultaneously enter the US; however, if the applicant is in the US, s/he can then file a petition to have his or her family join him in the US once he has been approved for the Green Card. This process may take a year or more if family members are overseas while the principal applicant is in the US.

Enter the Green Card Lottery. 55,000 Green Card’s Must Go Each Year. Let us help you reach your dream of becoming an American resident today!

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DV2012 diversity visa lottery

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